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  • 21-24 November, 2018 Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo)

Indonesia is a member of the G-20 major economies

Where stone meets ocean, find nature’s potential through, Jakarta Stone Fair.

As stone industry is on rise, this is a perfect opportunity to enter the market not only for Indonesia, but also for South Asia.

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Grow Your Business


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Grow Your Business


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Grow Your Business


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Grow Your Business


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Jakarta International Stone Fair

Your Business

Home to the world’s 16th largest economy, Indonesia is booming thanks to the country’s domestic consumption and productivity growth.

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  • 21-24 November, 2018 Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo)


  • Natural Stones
  • Stone Products
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Natural Stones Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Consumables
  • Stone Quarries
  • Processed Blocks
  • Material Handling and Excavation Machines
  • Abrasives and Industrial Chemicals
  • Stone-related Machinery & Equipment & Tool & Consumables
  • Mosaic
  • Marble Machines
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Cranes
  • Compressors
  • Computer Aided Technologies
  • Packaging Systems
  • Security and Environmental Protection Systems
  • Motors
  • Power Systems
  • Electric Appliances

  • Technical Experts & Consultancy Organizations
  • Trading & Marketing Organizations
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • Associations Related To Stone Industry
  • Technical Press & Media Scope
  • Natural Stones
  • Stone Products
  • Architectures
  • Natural Stones Related Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Consumables
  • Services Related to the Natural Stone Industry, Trade, Press & Associations
  • Natural Stone Technology
  • Safety & Environment Protection

Visitor Profile

· Distributors and Wholesalers of Natural Stone Processing & Machinery and Technologies
· Construction and Contracting Companies
· Project Management and Advisory Services
· Building Inspection Companies
· Architectural Offices
· Construction Markets
· Wholesalers, Retailers and Distributors of Construction Materials
· Distributors and Wholesalers of Construction Machines
· Mining and Natural Stone Companies
· Architects
· Hoteliers
· Builders & Real Estate Promoters
· Town Planners
· Decorators & Designers
· Interior Designers
· Stone Quarry Owners
· Stone Processors
· Importers & Exporters
· Traders
· Transporters of Stone Products

4th most populated country

Indonesia Economy

As Indonesia’s real estate market has experienced growth in recent decades, the demand for building materials has skyrocketed. The domestic market for both the industrial and retail segment is thriving, with Indonesia’s key players rapidly expanding production capacity of high-demand materials such as concrete and metals. Inflation is high for imported building materials and infrastructure challenges make transporting materials logistically challenging.

GDP and Population Growth

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